“A good copywriter isn’t in love with words . . .”

“ . . . he is in love with people. All kinds of people, everywhere and anywhere.”

So avers the late Paul Bringe, respected copywriter, as quoted in The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time (ISBN 85013-238-X). This book may be the copywriter’s best reference on consumer psychology. Every time I open it, I feel grateful to the author, Richard Hodgson. If you can spare the coin, it is worth far more than the price.

Here’s the rest of Bringe’s advice:

“He is intensely interested in people, watches them closely, listens when they talk, lives their bad moments with them, and rejoices in their victories. He is so interested in other people he forgets all about himself, his own needs and wants, and after a time he knows why they think as they do. And he recognizes himself in them and knows what they do he is capable of doing whether it is good or bad. The way to write believable copy is to love people. Know what every living person fears, hates, loves, and rejoices just as you do. Let everything you write say to your reader, I understand you. I have been in your shoes. I can help you, please let me try.”


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