Copywriting Seminar: Copy Made Simple

The Copywriting Seminar that “Turns Nerf Pens Into Light Sabers.”

With Copy Made Simple, you’ll equip your team to write with force. You’ll see the secrets of top copywriters revealed, simply and clearly. You’ll discover ways to grab, excite, and tantalize customers. You’ll see which words move customers to act.

This copywriting seminar cuts through the boring theory. It goes right to the heart of the craft. You’ll stand on the shoulders of the world’s copywriting titans. And you’ll unleash your own considerable creative potential with Copy Made Simple.

  • Gain a solid understanding of best practices in copywriting. Get practical tips you can put to work right away.
  • Feel a major surge in your power to communicate. Apply what you learn and measure your progress at every step.
  • Come away with new confidence and ability. You’re ready to write with force and get results.

Graphic for sample exercises on styleA one-day copywriting seminar tailored to your organization.

Copy Made Simple comprises eight learn-by-doing sessionsAt the conclusion of each session, you’ll complete brief exercises to apply what you learn. The first session is a refresher on style. (See the sample questions at right; numbers in parentheses point to pages in Strunk and White where you can check your answers.)

About your instructor. John Michael O’Leary is president of Wordman Inc. Commercial Copywriting for Professional Marketers. He brings more than 20 years of professional experience in copywriting. John Michael teaches with stories, examples, and humor. You’ll be stimulated and entertained as you learn.  See John Michael’s professional profile on LinkedIn.