Copywriting Seminar Agenda

Copy Made Simple: Copywriting Seminar Agenda

9 AM 1. Style Refresher for Marketers
What is style? Literary vs. commercial writing; style viewed through a marketing lens; cutting fluff from copy; avoiding common mistakes; dealing with problematic words.
9:20 Discussion and Review
9:30 Quiz
9:40 2. Prepare to Write
Creating the copy platform; knowing your audience; recognizing purchase motivators; communicating in-group vs. out-of-group; writing for international audiences; defining purpose and objectives; understanding message context; differences between print and electronic media; writing for search relevance.
10:00 Discussion: Tips for effective email
10:10 Quiz
10:20 Break
10:30 3. Begin with the End in Mind
Crafting the order form; writing a compelling call to action; creating a sense of urgency; making it easy for the reader to say “yes”;  releasing the power of star words; using specifics vs. generalities.
10:50 Discussion and Review
11:00 Quiz
11:10 4. Make It Captivating
Writing in the active voice; selling with emotion versus intellect; spotting wordy phrases and redundancies; illustrating abstract ideas with concrete terms; choosing words that add value; putting the customer in the experience; handling gender in copy.
11:30 Discussion and Review
11:40 Quiz
11:50 5. Fuel Buyer Desire
Writing to motivate; checking for clarity; emphasizing benefits over features; using formulas to assess message power; understanding the difference between truth and verisimilitude; writing for the “golden mean” of reading ease (Flesch analysis).
12:10 PM Discussion and Review
12:20 Quiz
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 6. Grab Attention
Understanding the functions of a headline; grabbing the reader; curing “weusitis”; speaking directly to the customer; using proven attention-getting techniques; testing headlines with a formula.
1:20 Discussion and Review
1:30 Quiz
1:40 Break
1:50 7. Target the Business Buyer
Understanding your buyer’s motivations; aspiring to the magic formula; strengthening benefits with specifics; building believability with customer testimonials; writing catalogs and brochures.
2:10 8. Copy Workshop
Onscreen editing of your copy with narrative and discussion. Look over the shoulder of a commercial copywriter with 20+ years of experience. Hear him “think it through” from the customer’s point of view.
3:00 Close