Copywriting Seminar Pricing and Scheduling

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This interactive, entertaining copywriting seminar teaches how to write for results. It’s tailored to your business and presented on-site.

  • Includes 6.5 hours of instruction filled with stories, examples, discussion and exercises.
  • AV-enhanced lecture with print supplements.
  • Course designed for interaction with instructor; ideal for groups of up to eight people.
  • Content spans these topics: Style Refresher for Marketers; Prepare to Write; Begin With the End in Mind; Make It Captivating; Fuel Buyer Desire; Grab Attention; Target the Business Buyer; Copy Workshop.
  • In the Copy Workshop, you’ll see the onscreen transformation of copy from rough to polished. You’ll hear the copywriter “think it through” as he narrates the editing process for you, using the principles and techniques you’ve just learned.
  • Recommended companion texts: Elements of Style (Strunk and White); The Copywriter’s Handbook (Bly).
  • Site requirements: Confortable space for learning, equipped with Internet access and work surface for writing. A training room or conference room is typically ideal.
  • Copywriting Seminar Pricing: $2000 plus expenses (instructor’s travel, lodging, meals).

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