Is there too much “me” in your message?

Before you approve the next sales proposal, mailer, or capabilities piece, read the copy with a critical eye. Are you speaking directly to your customer? Or are you talking about yourself?

Unless you know your customer’s first name, the predominant pronouns should be “you” and “your.” If you see a preponderance of “our,” “we,” and “us” in your message, it is afflicted with “weusitis.” And it needs a rewrite.

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Focus your message on solving your customer’s problem. She doesn’t care about all the wonderful things you can do—only about what you can do for her. When a seller talks mainly about himself, he comes across as a bore. And his message has all the freshness of last week’s donuts.

One thought on “Is there too much “me” in your message?

  1. “You-focused” language was stressed at a speechwriting workshop I attended recently. The instructors encouraged us to watch our “I-you ratio” to make sure our speeches are focused on the audience. It’s harder to do than you might think, but it made a big difference in the reception the speeches got.

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