What’s the shortest distance to new business?

CopyMadeSimpleBlogGraphicDear reader:

Here’s something to invigorate your sales, grow your market share, and multiply your profitability. When you finish reading this post, you should feel excited and optimistic about winning new customers. And it doesn’t get any easier than what I am about to describe.

To begin, ask yourself: Do my marketing messages bring the results I expect? Do I see the bottom line I want?

I bet you do not. True, your company employs educated, hardworking people. You provide the tools and resources they need to do their jobs. But here’s a hard truth: They don’t write with force.

I’m not talking about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Everyone in business had better know the basics of clear communication. I’m referring to the writing skills every marketer must have to win customers in this competitive age. I’m talking about writing to ignite human interest and fuel desire . . . to build agreement and make it easy for your prospect to say yes, again and again and again.

Just how valuable are these skills to your business? Every time someone reads a message from your company—whether a web page, a tweet, or a post on a social network—you have the opportunity to make a sale or earn a referral. At the very least, every message is a chance to create warm feelings about your brand, to make your customer simply feel good about being your customer. If your message is not compelling, potential revenue is slipping away, like proverbial “sand through the hourglass.” And you don’t even know it!

How much is it costing your company? It’s impossible to know the exact magnitude. But ask yourself this: If I were to increase my number of loyal customers by one percentage point, how much would my revenue picture improve? Or, how much is one new customer today worth? Two new customers? Three? Which brings us to the good thing I promised.

You can empower your people to write forcefully and take the guesswork out of your marketing messages. Copy Made Simple teaches what top copywriters know and use everyday to propel the world’s best brands. It’s a complete approach to writing with force, presented in an interactive, entertaining, one-day seminar. I introduced Copy Made Simple earlier this year to a team of marketers at a major publisher in New York. At the end of the day, one of them confided in me:

“I’ve taken three different writing courses in college and paid thousands of dollars. But I learned more today than in all those classes combined.”

It made me feel good to hear that. Just think how you will feel when you hear it from your team! I am so confident you will find Copy Made Simple an exceptional value that it comes with my personal and unconditional guarantee of your satisfaction. Why not schedule Copy Made Simple for your team now, while you’re thinking about it? You have nothing to lose, and new customers to gain! – John Michael

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